Cross-Culture Services

We aim to shorten the distance between Sweden and the rest of the world, and vice-versa.  We provide consultation on best business practices for organizations expanding internationally or working with global talents locally. Our services include translation, location scouting, cross-culture tips and advice, and global networking. 

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Client: Dibta Group
Project: Global Talent Program with Telkom Indonesia – a global exchange program where employees undergo a 3-month work training abroad.

Our role: We were appointed as Country Guardians in Sweden and assisted in finding a local company interested in the program.  We also made living arrangements and ensured the wellbeing of Telkom Indonesia‚Äôs employee throughout their stay in Sweden. 

Client: Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce
Project: International Christmas Lunch and Cultural Workshop

Our role: Arranged a fun Christmas lunch workshop that included a presentation on cultural business practices in China, a Global Awareness quiz, and some delicious special Christmas dishes from around the world!

Client: ALMI Nord
Project: Business school in simplified Swedish

Our role: Simplified content to attract newcomers to Sweden who are keen on entrepreneurship but have yet to master the Swedish language. We also designed and animated the material to produce course videos with narration and subtitles. We also translated the videos to Arabic later on at the request of our client.

Client: Pablo Maestres
Project: Music video for FLORA – CAIC by Ferran Palau 

Our role: Assisted the acclaimed Spanish director in a passion project of a music video. We were responsible for location scouting and providing specific props needed for the shoot locally. We were also on set assisting throughout the production.